Do you keep meeting the same car?

My first car was the joy of my life. Yes, her paint was shot, her vinyl top peeling off, had a radio that was not only A.M,. but only had one station that came in. It didn't matter that she was older than me , she still represented FREEDOM. I bought her for 275 dollars and two thousand later, I had to give up on our relationship. Yes, her engine and transmission was built to last, but not her belts, pumps, tires, brakes, muffler, sway bar, caps,, wipers,. freon, ,gallons of antifreeze ,etc...... CHA CHING!!

Now I am back with the same 'nickel and dimer'.in the form of a Toyota Celica.

Have you ever been in a relationship with that kind of a car, and was it heathy?

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Nope, a car is just a car. I have loved a couple of them because of the way they handled, but didn't miss any of them when we traded.

I was told to mind my own business. On an opinion site. So I better not answer.

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Did it nickle and dime you to death? My cars always have one of their tires out, asking for more money..

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Is it still running?

My first car was a Delta 88 that was four years older than I was. You couldn't beat that engine.

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