I'm not sure if this is even the same country I grew up in anymore.
It Is Now Legal To Defecate And Urinate On Denver Sidewalks

Denver, Colorado has decriminalized public defecation in order to make life easier for immigrants and the homeless. This has also happened in Los Angeles with predictable an disastrous results. The Denver City Council had an unanimous vote to decriminalize the offense of people committing certain low-level crimes like lying in a public right-of-way, urinating in public and panhandling. After decriminalizing defecating on sidewalks, the Chamber of Commerce will probably rename Denver as the “Mile High Pile City.”
What’s disturbing as well is that they also decriminalized camping out on private land. So now you can go out to get your morning paper, but it’s not there, because the person camping on your front lawn is reading it while defecating on the sidewalk in front of your house.
City leaders and immigrant rights advocates argued the changes will protect Denver’s immigrant community from facing unintended consequences.