So you did these?

Image for post So you did these?
88% Yes 12% No
ThePrinceofWaless avatar Life
10 12

You mean the heart really isn't that shape?

@Flrdsgns You mean the heart really isn't that shape?

In this link there should be a picture of the real heart:
Along with some information, that I didn't really read.

Just the first one.

Yes on 1, fairly often. No on 4 and 5...

Lol..Yes, all but 4.

I know I did number 1 for sure. Likely did number 3. Not sure about the others.

i still do number 1 and number 2. everyday in fact

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I did all of them... I knew the fridge light went out, because I sometimes pushed the button with my finger, but I wanted to know how nearly shut the door had to be before it put out the light.

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