In Walt Disney, they classified John Smith, in Pocahontas, as a Prince, when he wasn't a Prince at all, both in the movie and in real life. I don't know why they did this, but do you think that Walt Disney needs to do a better job of classifying things?

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I've watched the movie lots of times, but I only hear him being referred to as Captain. I think "Disney Prince" is just an honorary category covering all the lead hero characters in the Disney films. a smilie

Disney always takes a lot of authorship in its movies. I don't think old Walt had anything to do with Pocahontas though. He died in 1966. šŸ˜Š

In all my 24 years I've never heard anyone refer to John Smith as a prince. The only actual prince is in the second Pocahontas movie I believe

its cartoons for kids, not meant to be realistic in any way shape or form

I've only seen it once but I don't recall Smith being referred to as a prince.

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