How you do get rid of inappropriate thoughts?

Image for post How you do get rid of inappropriate thoughts?
40% This... 20% pray 40% other
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@ThePrinceofWales Like what?

Things you wouldn't say or do in public.

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reggae and metal are the only two styles of music I can listen to to help my feeling depressed

Think about something else or get busy with really important things.

Change your focus.

Stop overthinking! Don't even think. Don't fight thoughts, observe then in Calm place, keep observing , don't react to those thoughts either positively or negatively. Just don't fight them, don't condemn them, don't appreciate either. A moment will come, all thoughts disappear. Practice daily ! Also don't sit IDLE too much. Doing something is better than doing nothing, have purpose, don't overthink why having a purpose. Later on easily, get some help books, read good meditation philosophies and stop the Internet usage, minimize it, totally minimize , no morning wakeup smartphone neither during night. Exercise, sleep well, eat well. Don't think, your mind made you think that thought. Your mind is not you, mind is just an outerlayer biomechanism, it's problematic for every human being. Learn to live above mind, rather slave to it.

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I don't think that is going to do it, but good try.

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