Sears (has closed down) Payless Shoes (Canada) is closing down... They are a lot of stores, that might be closing down, in sometime in the future. Besides all the debt, causing these businesses to close down, what else is causing these stores, to close down?

If this keeps up, Canada is so doomed, when it comes to stores closing down.

Payless to close 248 Canadian stores, saying it's 'ill-equipped' for market | CTV News Payless ShoeSource Canada Inc. says it will soon file for creditor protection in Canada and close all 2,500 of its North American stores this spring.
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government regulations, new taxes, minimum wage BS etc

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didn't sears close doors years ago? in canada at least

any company is ill equipped for socialist lack of economies, increased taxes, increased regulations increased forced paid wages, no one is doing good in canada right now, businesses like walmart and amazon are doing fine, they have the money to afford a lot of socialism, smaller companies are drowning, i know where I work is not doing so well right now because of the NDP and liberals.

Amazon And Walmart cause a lot of stores to shut down.

@DandyDon Amazon And Walmart cause a lot of stores to shut down.

although they may play a very small role in that, our current communist governments are the real reason they are closing, no one can afford these government policies

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