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Yikes, that's nasty. And just think, all the industrial areas of Europe used to have similar pollution issues. My dad was born in 1929 and grew up just outside Dortmund Germany, a big industrial center, and when he was a kid, whenever the nearby steel works would fire the blast furnace, (several times per day) a few minutes later it would sound like it's raining as all the little chunks of slag or whatever landed all around them. And not only did industry spew pollution, all the houses and buildings were heated with coal, so smoke was everywhere in the city and the snow always looked dirty. Also, back then the water pipes were made of lead, think of that. Technology has improved a lot. I'm not sure what the solution to the dust situation in that town is, but I'm pretty sure one has been developed. I hope they sort that out.

Wow that's terrible. Evidently they need some tough regulations to combat that stuff.

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I know it is from the coal, but I also wondered if it cause acidity in the snow or not. I guess not.

I'm dreaming of a Black Christmas

im just curious as to whether this happened before or if this is a first time