Vermont Latest State To Pass Right To Kill Unborn Anytime
VERMONT BABYKILLERS Vermont legislation is needed to ensure a woman’s right to termination no matter what happens in the U.S. Supreme Court but that the proposal would only ensure that women in the state continue to have access to abortion services that are available to them now. In the world of progressives, one of the greatest concerns is the “right” of a woman to choose to have her unborn child killed. They say the reason should be grave, such as protecting the life of the mother, but in reality, almost all children who die this way do so on the altar of convenience.
May God have mercy on the souls of these babies.

Naturally, the states that are passing such legislation are dominated by Democrat lawmakers.

Republicans do oppose these measures, sometimes vociferously, but have yet to make inroads into a leftist ideology where Democrats are determined to act on it. “Currently the most underrepresented person in the world, here in Vermont anyway, is a fetus that has not yet been born,” said Republican Rep. Carl Rosenquist, who introduced an amendment that would have recognized a viable fetus as a person under Vermont law. “It feels pain. It feels love. We don’t regard it as anything until it is born.”

A sad commentary on a society that bills itself as being compassionate.

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The baby is born and the mother doesn't like it so she gets to do a thumbs down on it? We seem to only have capital punishment for innocent babies. What a world we live in. SMH

I am against abortion. I am Canadian and from the province of Saskatchewan.

In Saskatchewan, I don't know how accurate this info is or was, but I heard that it is or was legal to abort a baby any time through out the pregnancy.

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