Politics amirite? Lol. You can’t do shit about it.

Image for post Politics amirite?  Lol. You can’t do shit about it.
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I don’t watch the news. I don’t read the papers. I’m already aware that shit sucks. If I keep dwelling on it, knowing that I can’t change it, what good is that doing to my already anxious and depressed self?

That's very true, but I can't stop worrying about what's happening to our country. So I am very interested in politics.

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I think Trump getting in office does show that your voice can make a difference. It is the unison that makes a difference.

Bottom line, that's exactly right.
All the arguing and back and forth, doesn't amount to a hill of beans.

Everyone gets their chance to vote, all the stuff in between voting is just political soap opera.
I don't keep up with all that nonsense drama either.

I know what's right or wrong and how I'm going to vote.
Nobody's opinion, no matter how much THEY value it, is going to change my mind.

Main stream media...MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Etc. are all shows that give opinions.
If you want your opinion soothed, you can blindly choose one of those and falsely believe, that their the only ones telling the truth from the rest..

I include Jerry Springer with that lot of idiots because he's just as much real news as they are.
I would watch Jerry Springer reruns over any of that other silliness, any day.

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Damn skippy. I ain't sure why people get so worked up about them. Life is to short to get bent out of shape over things ya can't control.

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