When we graduated from junior high, we were asked to select a song for our send off. The vote was “We are the Champions” Queen. It was rejected. Because of AIDS and gay and so on. It was left at that. No song replaced it. It just was what it was. At the “picnic” or whatever, this great kid came in with a boombox and blasted the song! Everyone cheered and clapped. He got thrown out. The thing I remember most about that moment is, nobody really knew he was. He was one of those kids the “popular” kids look down on. But, in that moment, he was a hero. And til this day, I remember him.

Just saying...

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My rugby team played that when we won the league...don't think anyone was offended!

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He was a 🦸‍♂️

@EternalSailorSol He was a 🦸‍♂️

He was a what? I just see 3 rectangles.

@Qazzie He was a what? I just see 3 rectangles.

a superhero. The Emoji thing, must not be working right, on your computer.

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This was in 1992, but I get your point.

That's memories worth having.

You never know what you might've done, that stays in someones mind forever.

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Um, lol
First, this was in 1992.

Second, I’m not a liberal. I’m not into politics AT ALL. Mostly because of the rants that come out of both liberals and conservatives. It’s so annoying.

Third, I have no reason to make-up anything. I have no agenda. I’m not a person who preoccupies myself with things I that I really can’t control.

It’s just a nice memory I have of a cool kid.

I think you probably tend to read way too much into things. You should probably take it easy.
Also, made-up and fictional mean the same thing. No need to use both.

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