Is it better to be a male or female? Female amirite?

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I am female, the only times i wish i was a man would be when something is too big for me to move.

ignoring SJW tripe that is flooding our countries, whatever you are born as is the better gender for you. men or women are not better or worse then each other, we are different, but both have their strengths and weakness.

if we where to listen to media and the alt left, its a very bad day and age to be a man. thankfully these lunatics don;t have power, they are the reason why trump won and will win again

Man, I feel like a woman.

I'm not good a decision making so I'll just let it up to my maker to decide what I was born to be. There are pros and cons on both sides so make the best of what you've got.

I'm happy being a woman.


Don't have the slightest desire to have a sex change...so, yea.

It's better to be what you are, as your XX or XY chromosomes determine.

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