something i will never understand, is why conservatives are put under a far more critical viewing glass while liberals are untouched by criticism (in general), I am going to use Alberta politics as an example, 2006-2015 conservative government amassed 12.9 billion in debt, seem high right? oh those big bad conservatives they screwed alberta over, they are BAD BAD BAD!, NDP took office in 2015, and in one year (May 2015 to January 2016) went from 12.9 to 24 billion in debt, no one bats an eye, no one cares, everyone still blames conservatives. even conservatives don;t care that NDP doubled the debt in one year what took conservatives 9 years to amass. its disgusting.

not to mention schools under NDP no longer teach subjects, in grade 3 everyone could multiply up to 12x12, now kids can;t even multiply 2x2, but they can say how many genders have been fabricated, they won't learn how to memorize or do critical thinking, but they will learn LGTB propaganda as early as kindergarten. when all that is needed to help prevent bullying is the golden rule.
schools under NDP have become even more indoctrination centers, but people blame previous governments for why education today is messed up. so on and so forth.

also (I forget what he said but Prentice one conservative leader, said something that pissed everyone off, yeah it was offensive and we had a right to be upset, but Notley every time she speaks says much worse and far more belittling to albertans then the one thing Prentice says, but everyone loves to attack prentice and ignore Notley. even conservatives blame conservatives more then NDP, its mind boggling)

Alberta never saw such unemployment rates under conservative as we are now under NDP (liberal) rule, never has schools been as much propaganda machines as they are now. never have we seen as much taxes as we have now. etc etc

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even mentioning that liberal doubled the debt in one year (12 BILLION DOLLARS) people defend her by saying but but but but, Alison Redford BAD, she wasted 3 billion in 3 years (approx). im not justifying conservatives wasting money, but wasting 12 billion in 1 year is far worse then 3 billion in 3 years. but but Alison used the money on private trips. does it matter how its wasted? 12 billion in ONE YEAR is still worse then 3 billion in 3 years

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