What's your airport Horror story?

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Going to Hawaii we had a flight cancellation to Chicago because of snow. They put us on a First Class flight to Dayton, OH, then on to LA, and there we waited for the flight that was supposed to come from Chicago. Geez. No flights were getting out of Chicago. We finally got to Hawaii at 2 a.m., got screamed at by the condo owner because we woke him up. Then returning, we flew into Chicago, but waited there 5 hours for a plane to Indy because Indy was fogged in. Then when we finally got home our basement was flooded. But we had a good time in Hawaii. lol

I was flying from Crete to Athens, and back to the US. My flight was late getting into Athens so I missed my connecting flight. I was flying on a military passport, which security personnel hadn't seen and refused to let me out of the terminal and go down to the ticket terminal to get a new flight booked. 10 hours later and $130 in pay phones charges, my organization back in the states finally got me another ticket.

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