A man got fined for something he didn't know was a law, in Saskatchewan. SGI needs to do a better job telling job telling people what some of these laws are, or people are going to get fined for something that they didn't know is law. And vehicle manufacture companies need to do a better job, of following the current regulations, that are in place.

'It doesn’t seem right': Saskatoon driver ticketed for lack of mudflaps | CTV News Saskatoon A Saskatoon man is questioning vehicle standards and Saskatchewan Government Insurance policies after he was slapped with a $115 ticket over the weekend. https://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/it-doesn-t-seem-right-saskatoon-driver-ticketed-for-lack-of-mudflaps-1.4314126
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cash grab that is 100% the reason for giving out tickets

Over here, they'll just tell you "ignorance is no excuse for the law" and hand you a ticket.

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