What have you 'borrowed' and not given back?

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A book. I can't find it...but I remember which book it was, because I still feel crummy that I didn't manage to get it back to the lender.

A DVD and pajama bottoms come to mind.

As in borrowing things and not asking first, it seems to run in my family, I am afraid. I am not as bad, as a specific someone, who seems to not have returned things, a pair of pants for example.

As for myself for the matter, it hard to think of one that I didn't return. As I work hard, to try to return those items. I am not perfect, but I am getting better. The only thing I can think of at the hour, is some books.

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I hope that is a joke.

"Hey can I borrow a tampon?" ....nah you can just have it

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A pencil not really that bad right

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