What would you do if Jesus Christ appeared to you right now?

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Glorify and praise him.

Crack open a bottle of wine and offer him some food.

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Here, just in case... biggrin smilie
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If that happened, it might be too late.

Cure my loved ones of their diseases. And ailments. And maybe a few of mine. And hey, maybe take care of world peace while you’re at it, Jesus! That’d be great.

Question my sanity

I'd say ,forgive me.I know not what I did.

You mean after I'd finished cowering in a puddle of my own piss utterly terrified?
I'd probably just stare at him.
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Wrap my arms around him and thank him for showing me mercy and not judgment/justice; thank him for always being faithful, especially when I haven't been; tell him how much I love him.

If the Jesus from the Bible showed up right now I’d want to know some things

Like the good thief, I would say, "Lord, remember me when Thou comest into Thy kingdom."

Not sure what I would do.

How do you know he hasn't appeared to you already?
Could've been anybody you met today..

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True...some are just people that can get on your nerves... LOL.

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I can relate, I've been doing construction work for 20 years.
There's no lack of people that will test your patience everyday.

Matter of fact, that's how I've improved my patience, accept what it is and let it go.

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