Alberta's debt 2006=surplus (under a conservative leader), 2006-2015 (also under conservative government)12.9 billion in debt, seems bad right? now try this, under NDP (far left leadership) 2015-2019, the debt is now in 50 billion in debt, it took only 4 years to completely dwarf what conservatives wasted in 10 years. the debt under the current corrupt left is set to reach 100 billion in debt by early 2020's and well on its way to a trillion dollars in debt, and what do we have to show for this debt?

schools that do not teach proper subjects anymore, kids can;t do math, but can list the 80+ made up genders, etc.
medical is worse then ever,
farms are loosing rights,
roads are no better then before,
price of living is sky rocketing while jobs are getting harder and harder to find
big companies are fleeing ALberta while unemployment is at record level highs (9%),
we have a modern day mary antoinette who has complete disgust for Alberta and Albertans,
we have a leader who breaks ethic laws and campaign laws, but will blame conservatives for nothing to avoid blame (typical of such parties).
Alberta has never been in such a piss poor position, i'd take the worst conservative leader over the best NDp/liberal leader.