So the Jordyn Woods Red Table Talk, first of all I wanna say Jada Pinkett Smith most probably gave JW the opportunity because they are family friends, and JPS is kinda portraying JW as the victim which she is clearly not. The show is so fake and dramatic like why do you have to hold her hand and talk to her like when a priest is telling you that God forgives your sins. JW's story is flawed from the start. First of all, she says that she shouldn't have gone to the party in the first place because Tristan was there. Bitch, I've been to places where my friend's boyfriend is there, that's not a problem unless you know something between you two is gonna happen. Then she says it mighta looked like a lap dance because she was sitting in the arm chair, next to him, and had her legs touching h

and had her legs touching his. Would you sit next to a family member's ( because that is what they say they consider themselves) significant other (who you've known for less years than your "relative"), and let your legs touch?? I don't think so. Then she says she left because she realized it was morning and told Tristan she was leaving because she had a driver waiting outside. She had a driver waiting outside for the whole night? She's not even that famous for a driver to be waiting for her and I don't think she has the money to pay him to stay the whole night. And why would you stay till morning morning when not a lot of people are left, and a coincidence that your "relative's" baby daddy is there?? I would've had left along time ago if he was staying, cause I know it would look bad. That's just the start of the talk...

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I know not, what you speak of...

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