What I don't understand is that Cancer Survivors (at least some of them), have to take some pills after their cancerous tumor gets removed and after they go through all there other treatments. Is it for the rest of there life they have to take those pills? Do you know why they have to take them?

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I have a niece who has had cancer, she went through all the treatments but she does have to take pills all the time, I guess to keep it from coming back. But she's sick all the time from the meds. If it was me, I would seriously think about NOT taking the meds and enjoy life.

It's a hormone pill.You take them for five years.It's

@hootowl It's a hormone pill.You take them for five years.It's

It's a hormone pill. Supposed to take it for five years.It's not pleasant,I had bad side effects.I felt like I had cracked ribs.I gave them up after a few months.My sister in law had the same problem.It's supposed to prevent the cancer from coming back.

It depends on the kind of cancer a person has . There are and were people dear to me, that have been prescribed pills that are supposed to retard or hopefully prevent a recurrence of their cancer.

My father had cancer and he continues to take medications to deal with the secondary effects of the drugs that cure him

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