Name something funny that your pet does.

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I have a cat that likes to sit by our front window and watch whatever is happening outside. If I go outside and stand in front of that window she starts scratching on the window until I move out of the way. She is a nosey little critter. Ha!

Amplex...It's fun to watch them go at it like crazy.

All my pets are aquatic.
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When I pass by my cat, it seems like when I walk back he just breaks into this frenzy of violently licking himself. He'll like thrust his head into his foreleg, and it looks really funny and never gets old.

It gets to me every time, when my little dog flattens out her back legs and pulls herself along on her stomach with her head in the air. It is especially cute and funny to me, when she does it with her favorite toy "Scrappy" hanging out of her mouth.

I don't know.

15 years ago, I threw a stick for him to fetch......and he never came back.

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