If you are an American college professor, the way you get a raise or tenure is by getting papers published in “academic journals.”
The stupidity of these journals says a lot about what’s taught at colleges today.
Recently, three people sent in intentionally ridiculous “research” to prominent journals of women studies, gender studies, race studies, sexuality studies, obesity studies and queer studies.
The scholarship in these disciplines is utterly corrupted,” says Dr. Peter Boghossian of Portland State University. “They have placed an agenda before the truth.”
To show that, hoaxer and mathematician James Lindsay says, “We rewrote a section of ‘Mein Kampf’ as intersectional feminism” and got it published in Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work.
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How can a college criticize the hoaxers but revere ridiculous journals that publish nonsense? A physicist once submitted a nonsense paper claiming gravity is just a “social construct.” The journal Social Text published it. That embarrassed the journal, but 20 years later, it is still going strong.

At universities, “scholarship” has gotten even crazier.
The real “hoax” is on students who pay thousands of dollars for useless degrees in fields that end in “studies.
Opt out...Attend a trade school......learn how to do something CONSTRUCTIVE and that will advance mankind.an make a nice living at the same time......I'm just sayin '!

Hoax – TCNN: The Constitutional News Networkhttps://www.theconstitutionalnewsnetwork.com/hoax/
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It's basically a form of unconventional warfare. You've probably heard the military use the phrase "winning hearts and minds," right? Well how better to win hearts and minds than in school? So you capture the school using whatever means, bribes, bullshit etc, and transform it from a place of learning into a place that creates confusion and division, paints heroes as villains, villains as heroes, good as bad and bad as good so that students don't know which way is up, but enforces in them a strong certainty that they're right so hopefully they screw up other people they're in contact with too, leaving them virtually unemployable, with worthless degrees and mountains of debt.

All wars are economic wars, and armies are always preparing to fight the last war. You can't confront a nation like the US directly, it's far too strong militarily, economically, you have to infiltrate, subvert, attack from within. And it looks to me like the US, and the West in general, has done a poor job of responding to the existential threat of ideological subversion.

Our civilization is under attack, and the vector is bad ideas.

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