Ski masks are more often associated with criminal activity than actual skiing, amirite?

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I haven't seen the statistics, but I'd hate to be a bank security guard in Alaska.

Yeah-I love to scare the life out the workers in my bankbiggrin smilie

You're probably right, but that's a reflection of the media, not people's lived experiences. Armed robberies are pretty rare, so in real life the overwhelming majority of people have only ever seen ski masks being worn by people who are trying to stay warm. It's actually a good example of how movies and television distort public perception.

And just think, if movies and TV have distorted public perception of something as mundane as ski masks, in what other ways have they distorted public perception? And for what purpose? Because that's a hell of an ability, do you think an ability like that is likely to be ignored by those who seek power? Mwa haha haha 6 smilie

See I knew it was safer to not go skiing...there could be criminals

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I worked as a salesperson(ish) and I’ve never heard of it as an annunciator.

I will say I think of a burglar as someone who ransacks a house or breaks into a bank or jewelry store. Everyone else I think as a thief.

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And the balaclava mask is more often associated with crime than Crimea, if you know where Balaklava is.

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