forcing someone to pay for parking to go to emergency at a hospital is morally corrupt, amirite?

got a broken foot and need to see a doctor here pay for parking, want to visit a family member who has cancer and is dying, PAY UP. its morally corrupt, and this is under socialist regime not capitalist. socialism is only heaven for the morons imposing it, and is hell for those being imposed upon

89% agreed, completely CORRUPT 11% nothing wrong with setting up trolls to steal money off those grieving/visiting with sick family/friend members
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It kind of depends.

If you're in a lightly populated area that doesn't have toll parking anywhere else, then yeah, charging to park at the hospital would be wrong.

But if you're in a densely populated urban center where parking is hard to find and tolls are normal, then if the hospital doesn't charge for parking, people who want to park somewhere near the hospital will park at the hospital to avoid paying for parking, meaning that when you show up there, it won't matter that it's free because you won't find a spot. Under those circumstances, charging for parking actually benefits patients and visitors by removing any incentive for people to park at the hospital when they're not going to the hospital.

@Maze It kind of depends. If you're in a lightly populated area that doesn't have toll parking anywhere else, then...

well its the SAME government that taxes me to get medical that is charging for parking, PURE EVIL!

being that I have spent many days at the hospital now because of my dad, the parking is always EMPTY!. while the streets that are free are crammed, gee wonder why that is? paying to go to emergency is morally corrupt.

having to pay for parking anywhere is stupid to begin with, even more so at a hospital, besides, the hospital where i am at that is the only place in the area that charges, I can park 2 blocks away for free and walk, and that is what i do, because i will not give money to corruption, not willingly.

paying to park is like hey, you have no choice but to be at emergency lets steal money from you.

if they WANT TO keep people from parking at the hospital parking and not go into the hospital, set up camera's have a parking authority, get the car towed, PUNISH those using the spot for other reasons other then hospital, don't punish the poor souls that have to spend days there. makes not one once of sense to me

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