Do you like Daylight savings time?

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I don't like it. I say leave it one or the other and no changing it.

Makes me Happy. Summer time you can be out side later and enjoy a longer day.

@EternalSailorSol Are you from there?

I have lived there and really enjoyed it. But it is only light from 10am to 2pm in December, so anyone who suffers from SAD will have a rough go of it.

No I don't.

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I hear ya!!!!!!!!!!

No. It's ok in the spring, but it makes for a really LONG, HOT, BRUTAL summer. Leave the time alone - one way or the other - this time change is just crazy.

What's there to like? This time of year the days are naturally get longer anyway, so why do we need to meddle with the clocks?

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But nowhere that alters the clocks changes the amount of daylight they get.Only the hours they get it.Just do things earlier or later!

I love it.Seen my first Robin today.

Not really.

Don't have it here, where I live. But I do find it annoying, even as a literal outsider.

Here in Britain I would stay on GMT all year.In June its light for about 18 hours anyway.What difference does it make what the clock is saying?

Yes, I like it. Would like it all year round, although changing the clocks twice a year has never bothered me.

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If I would have asked my mom that she may have gave me a couple of swats on the seat of my pants and told me not to argue about it. I don't.

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