When it comes to locations on an international map, what do the dotted lines mean in some areas, instead of a solid border?

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Depends on the map would it not? The most likley answer location wise would be for internal borders like state or provincial. Ive also seen maps with dotted lines used to indicate travel or shipping routes, this becomes more common with larger scale maps where dotted lines are used for all sorts of things like municipal borders, trails, or designated road types (most likely gravel)

@EternalSailorSol It is hard to see, but there is a dotted border in a small area in gray.

This one i dont know about directly but south sudan is a new country as far as countries go and it wouldnt suprise me of they had some border disagreements with Sudan

@EternalSailorSol Hard to see, but there is a partial dotted border, between Pakistan...

Ah okay so thats a disputed border between india and pakistan. The Kashmir region

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Yeah that seems to be the case in their examples. Something I didn't consider, some cartographer I am :(

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I don't know everything, either.

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