Do you believe in Time Travel?

17% yes 56% no 28% not sure
EternalSailorSols avatar Technology
5 9

It was invented in 4326 and I enjoy popping to the 21st century to post on Amirite.This internet thing is so primitive.

I think it would be cool and I love time travel stories, but for me to actually believe I'd have to see it.

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and if it existed, id blow the machine up. only need one nincompoop to change the world, where you or i never existed, no thanks, or one where we are slaves or worse

Yes, I travel to the future every second, one second at a time.
It's especially noticeable at night. I go to sleep, and when I wake up, it's about 7 hours in the future. biggrin smilie

Seriously, I doubt it. One could apply the Fermi question about extraterrestrials to time travelers from the remote future. Where are they?
Or perhaps they can only observe, but cannot be  observed by us, or interact with us in any way. That would get rid of some of the most glaring paradoxes about time travel.

I believe it's can't be done with a 2008 Toyota though.

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