Everyone wonders where we go after we die, but not as many people seem to wonder where we were before we were born. amirite?

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True, I've never even considered it.

But I also don't believe in an afterlife so that might be part of it.

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I never do, but the reincarnation folks give it some heavy thought. :)

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I have wondered about the both. I just think we might go to the same place after our death.

I wonder about that all the time

Just a gleam in Daddy's eye. hello smilie

We know more of our forelives well before lucky sperm met choosy egg, only that’s the scientific part. Spiritually, I would imagine a kind of Genesis situation.
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Same place.

Oh that's easy, before we're born part of us is some lucky egg in the ovaries of our mothers and the other part is some lucky 1 in a million sperm cell in our dad's balls

Just be happy u won the race out of the millions of sperms and beat them to that ovarie.

Before, during and after our temporal lives, we are eternal thoughts in the mind of God, "begotten before all worlds."

because we where not existant before we where born that simple

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