can we all stand in solidarity for these christians and so many more beheaded regularly in the middle east simply for their beliefs?

I am truly sorry for the lives affected by this event in New Zeland, this should not happen, but humans are inherently evil., thank adam and Eve for this. but it is fact we are all born bad..

my point is why do we make killing one group of people worse then killing other groups. why do we say lone wolf when ISIS does it, but happily blame all white christian men, when news assumes the act was by a white person (I say assume because 2 years ago CBC assumed it was a white man who was christian, then it turned out it wasn't a white man or christian who did the attack).

news is the most corrupt entity today. and are very globalist in nature. \

Bodies of 20 Egyptian Christians beheaded in Libya arrive in Egypt, Middle East News & Top Stories - The Straits TimesMISRATA, LIBYA/CAIRO (REUTESR) - The bodies of 20 Egyptian Christians beheaded in Libya by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in 2015 were flown back to Cairo on Monday (May 14), Egyptian state television reported.. Read more at
0% amen 83% why won't MSM news report these, but will happily jump to CONCLUSIONS and sensationalize events where muslims get killed????? 0% only minority lives matter well except for the white minority (yes, whites are the minority on planet earth), or christian minority, only left wing supported minority lives matter 17% killing other innocent humans is wrong no matter what, NO BIAS for or against certain groups of people
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Youre kidding yourself if you think this has to do with religion and not location. Do you really think if 49 people were murdered in a christian church in NZ the media wouldnt be talking about it?

Not to mention I hear the "Lone Wolf" narrarative way nore often in regards to white shooters,

@TAST Youre kidding yourself if you think this has to do with religion and not location. Do you really think if 49...

lol sure, keep telling yourself that, muslims in these parts of the world have made it abundently clear they will kill christians, homosexuals and all non believers in their faith.

sure media might talk about it, they will report it, but it will not be sensationalized like they do when it happens to muslims. case in point ISIS kills people every day, ZERO sensationalizing from media, one attack on a mosque and they loose their minds.

really? when one person (who turned out to be muslim), attacked a mosque in canada, all white christian men where labelled as "the real terrorists", when muslims commit atrocities same media refused to call out ISIS. and said lone wolf, etc.

show me where media says lone wolf for white more often then for ISIS terrorists?

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