NZ massacre. This was indeed a terrible act. In my view this dangerous seed may have been planted in our youth back when Muslims were openly saying they hated us and death to infidels, beheadings were shown on various media outlets, suicide bombings. They were going to take over the world with their numbers through multiple wives & family. All this and much more and our governments allowed them in. In Australia we have been excessively naive and stupid by giving these people so much. practically free housing, subsidised everything and all their multiple famlies being payed for as well.
All this has been common knowledge to our youth over many years now and I believe will have left at least some of them with bad legacies especially when they struggle to get the similar. amirite?

We fund education to these different groups as well but not through our schools it has to be their own. Another monetary tax burden which just means even less in the education pool for those already here and may have other consequences down the track.

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Interesting viewpoint. In my experience whenever the government gets involved the problem turns into a shit-show.

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