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Recall a time you cracked your head really hard. amirite?

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Im sorry to hear that.

I fell backwards onto my head after being pushed down. I don’t remember it, but was told it was a horrible sound. Another, I fell out of the back of a station wagon when I was 2 while it was driving. I have a little scar underneath my chin. I don’t remember that one either.

@StarzAbove OMG, you could have been killed.

Lol. I know. Good thing I had brothers and a sister to tell my dad. Actually, I don’t know who noticed. I’m betting on one, though. My dad’s great. But he’s so oblivious to so many things. Actually, I guess it’s been a while since I heard the story. Because I used to know. Anyway. I was fine until my dad was watching me and my fingers got slammed in the metal garage door. Scar there too. Lol.

@Qazzie Lol. I know. Good thing I had brothers and a sister to tell my dad. Actually, I don’t know who noticed. I’m...

Glad someone noticed, you could have been hit by another car. Thank God for seat belts nowadays.

Nothing serious, just bumped my head a couple of times on an overhead cabinet in my garage. Those sharp edges really hurt!

@Qazzie Couldn’t find the gif, but this is funnier if you watch it. IMO

Ouch. I can understand the feeling. Tear the darn cabinet down, but I doubt my husband would approve of that. lol

A couple of concussions. The initial shot hurts, but the headache afterwards is the real killer. ;)

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Oh yes, several years ago. I fell on the bathroom tile and got a huge bump on my forehead, two black eyes, a bruised cheek, and a split lip. (I had to go to work looking like that for a couple of weeks.) beye smilie

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I tripped over on the yard at school when I was nine and split my forehead open.I should probably have had stitches.Still have the scar on my forehead.

Yes that would have been 7/19/17 when I was in a car accident. Something I didn't want to make public back then was I cracked my head on the windshield. The police suspected it by the way the glass was cracked but all I wanted to do was go home at the time.

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