Do you agree with the article that most things in the world were designed for men and not for women?

I usually am all for women's equality issues, but reading this article left me with a taste of petty bitchiness in my mouth. Considering women control over 60% of all purchasing in the US and have you ever walked into a department store and checked the size of the men's area compared to the women's areas. JMHO

Seven ways the world is not designed for women - BBC NewsFrom military equipment to smartphones - here are a few ways the world seems biased towards men.
28% I totally agree 26% I disagree 47% Some things are and somethings aren't
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Yes, I would agree. But that's OK, I have no problem with it.

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My point is that many things are designed for women as opposed to men and I believe that men for the most part are ok with that.

I wouldn't say most, but I would say that a few instances mentioned in the linked article are far from petty bitchiness.

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Yet... the Earth keeps spinning..

Supply and demand.....if there's enough people demanding it, it will be supplied.

They should make toilet seats that lower themselves automatically after use, since men often leave them up. biggrin smilie

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