Do you know how to play any musical instruments?

Image for post Do you know how to play any musical instruments?
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Yes, piano.

@StarzAbove Yes, piano.

Cool. Just don’t hurt Jerry. Image in content

@Qazzie Cool. Just don’t hurt Jerry.

lol I'll try not to. But if I see a mouse on my piano....well he better run for his life. lol

Piano, but I haven't played in a long time because I don't have one in my home. I played clarinet in junior high marching band.

I'm far from David Gilmour level, but I can play my Stratocaster pretty good.
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@ThePrinceofWales The triangle

Exactly what I was going to say, lolz.

I could do the beginning of smoke on the water on guitar once. I also can do a simple version of Fur elise or pirates of the Caribbean on a piano

Guitar, Bass.
Drums, I can play enough to just keep a beat.

@Qazzie Just don’t bother Tom.

He doesn't have to worry about

I'm the same way with cars that have the bass so loud, it's rattling everything.
Those idiots will be wondering how they are going deaf.

Yes the piano and violin. I was trying to play the the fiddle but it's a work in progress 🙄

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