On what did you last burn your tongue eating or drinking?

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Soup. I like my soup hot, but there are limits. Ha!

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When I was a little kid. I quickly learned NOT to put hot food/drink in my mouth.

Salsa made with Ghost peppers...It burnt a lot more things than my tongue.

I can’t remember the last time that happened to me. I’m extra careful about that. Must’ve been a bad burn. It annoys me when people of a certain age still burn themselves on food or drinks. My parents do it all the the time. I say, be careful, it’s hot. Blow on it... then a second later they burn their tongues. And I eat my food extra hot. I go to the microwave a few times a meal to keep it it hot. But I always test it before I eat it.

A chip. 乂º︵º乂

@Azlotto French fry?

Nope a chip from my fish and chips.
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@Ada Nope a chip from my fish and...

I'm joking...I know what chips are, but we call them French fries here in the U.S.

I'd love to try some proper fish and chips.

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