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Good point, thanks.

I won't buy a book unless I am reasonably sure that I will enjoy it. Something being a "best seller" has never been a reason for me to buy a book. "Best seller" just means what it says: it has sold a lot. Not that it is of any quality.

I got a few of the books Oprah promoted I didn't like them because none of it was interesting to me.

The last book I bought was The Da Vinci Code.Loved it.

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Good reply, thanks.

If I have, I can't recall what it was. I rarely buy books for myself, unless I'm pretty sure it's one I'll want to keep and read again. Although some of my favorite writers are "best-selling authors", I don't think I've ever bought one just because it was on a best-seller list.
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I have books on every window sill and have never bought any because of some best seller list. So, I don't own the shades of grey or any of that kind. I go by author mostly and they do not disappoint.