What was the one place you enjoyed going to when you were a child?

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Same here...Fond memories.

A local park to swim.

Any beach, anywhere...I never could play in my sandbox, tho, because the cats always tried to bury me.

the beach

Long Beach Island, NJ.

Barry Island funfair

My parents used to take us upstate N.Y. to see all the attractions.it was nice to get to see country life
Then. When I got married the whole family moved here. It's like being on vacation forever.

Hands down, the beach! Just about any on the east coast. I'm still trying to be a beach bum.

Any amusement park or carnival
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My safe place.

Home because I wasn't there much

My great grandmothers house

There were many places, but outside of home, I always loved going to the zoo.

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