First realize there are

Three groups of people

1. Intelligent people who use their intelligence to better both themselves and others

2. Intelligent people who DELIBERATELY use deception and manipulation to further their own desires

3. People who are just trying to survive who decided not to focus on complex issues

The first group wants to turn people in the third group into them. They agree this betters the world

The Second group, however, Wants to turn these people into their puppets. Just tools to manipulate the world to better themselves (the second group).
They do this by willfully witholding information from them, playing on their emotions, their belief systems, and lack of knowledge.
This is best done when the target is too lazy to seek out the proper information for themselves or are somehow too shy to appear too intelligent
among their peers.

That's where social pressure comes into play. The manipulation of stigmas and dogmas and even stereotypes can cause people to
fear association with a certain thing like feminism or being gay. They do this through cartoonizing complex principles and turning really
Complicated issues into simplified abridged versions of what they actually are. One might say hey Feminism stands for improving the lives of
women in the instances where they suffer. But Group 2 people will turn that into "they hate men". Thus making Feminism a bad word. This is
deliberate and willful deception and they know PERFECTLY well what they are doing. But if you try to call them out on it, they will pretend to be
members of group 3 saying "oh Its just a simple concept!" That's where the whole "Joe the Plumber" fallicy comes into play


Members of group 2 take on characteristics of group 3 to blend in with them, become one of them and thus they may SEEM to be advocating for them.

However their entire goal rests on the assumption that group 3 members will remain ignroant.


Group 1 on the other hand, knows that the world is a better place when more people are happy. IT gets things done quicker in a utilitarian (pursuit of happiness)
sense. So. They will try their best to enlighten people in group 3 so they can become one of them and share in this happiness. It is a positive goal for
all. They don't want anything personally out of this except a better world to live in. Because that is REAL happiness. See, group 2 will NEVER be
happy! They will never satisfy their quest for more and more because they are missing a piece of the puzzle. If you better yourself without
bettering others no good bounces back to you, you are truely alone.

We should all strive to be part of group 1.

If you are part of group 3 don't be ashamed. Just do what you can to rise to group 1, that's how everyone in the world succeeds I promise!

If you are part of group 2 however, you are EVERY problem in this world. Yes you are. That's how simple it really is. Don't try to complicate it
because that's what you do. Instead, try to recognize you are the problem and make a change in your life to become part of group 1 SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE TO CHANGE THE WORLD!

AMENDMENT: There is also a group four which are members with traits of both group 1 and 2. They are teetering on the cliff of self awareness and can easily be pushed one way or another. These are the most unpredictable people in the world It's scary at times, We use terms to describe them like hypocrite and flip flopper. but instead of mocking them which pushes them toward group 2, we should educate them into group 1

People in group 3 and 4 may or may not read this whole thing. PEOPLE IN GROUP 2 will MOCK it and try to humiliate those who agree with it but people in group 1 will spread this all across the world online and offline