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Your Score: 100%

@JanHaskell Your Score: 100%

Wowsers well done Jan.

@JanHaskell Your Score: 100%

Wow, all these Ph.D. Bible scholars!

We could start our own divinity school. biggrin smilie

My score 92%.

76% a bit useless I know.

Your Score: 81%
PhD Knowledge!
You're clearly a Bible scholar... you've got to have a PhD! Very impressive!

Clearly, I am not a Bible scholar. Although my years of Bible school were long ago, I thought I'd do a little better than that. a smilie

That's pretty good. I should have done better myself.

This comment was deleted by its author.

That's OK, quizzes aren't for everyone. smile smilie

No, I don't feel alone. And I'm definitely not vulnerable or scared. And I will never deny my beliefs.

Your Score: 97%

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