A single guy sees a cute girl. He checks her out. She checks him out, maybe smiles at him. Single guy looks away. What is the cute girl's reaction?

There could be many reasons why the single guy looks away. Maybe he's nervous around women and lacks confidence. He may just be getting the lay of the land and scanning around for prospects that he could approach. Or he could be trying to stoke her interest in him. If you were that cute girl, how would you react when a guy checks you out, then looks away when you do the same... and why? Vote, then add your comments!

18% i'm intrigued 9% he's playing hard to get 27% he doesn't like me 😢 9% angry - how dare he shuns my cuteness! 38% he's a creep
azn88s avatar Relationships
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I might be intrigued however I would want to observe how they interact with others. Just cause they seem nice doesn't mean that they ain't a total douche.

Lil_Princesss avatar Lil_Princess i'm intrigued 0Reply

He was simply checking me out. He wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship.

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