What is politically correct in one group is not the same as what's politically correct in another group. Words and ideas that some find offensive, others find perfectly acceptable. For example, some ideas that would be PC in a Western university would be VERY politically incorrect among conservative Muslims, and vice versa. What's politically correct to you depends on your politics. Amirite?

Some groups are more tolerant than others, but all groups have standards for what are "acceptable words and opinions" to throw around. Even if you're a conservative who believes strongly in free speech, you're not going to like it if somebody keeps using newspeak and advocating open borders and socialism, to you that person is being politically incorrect. You may let it slide, you may even embrace the opportunity for debate, but that doesn't change the fact that they're being politically incorrect from your perspective.

So stop letting one group of people put forth the idea that their version of what's politically correct is the only one, because it's not. What's politically correct to you depends on your politics.