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I don't need money to be happy

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So many people get wrapped up in having fine chins and the best named brands but I am happy with just simple things like a good laugh and love

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Exactly. Life is way to short.

1 Million dollars an hour.

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Enough to cover my needs with some left over for savings.

@sundogster-HD I was thinking of a monetary value answer

In general more is better, but in order to be happy I must have enough with some left over, that's the tipping point, anything beyond that is gravy. In monetary terms, anything north of $5k per month I'd consider doing well, $10k+ would be ideal. But those gains in happiness can be lost to the sacrifices required to earn more. If you're a doctor and you're earning very good money, but you're worked off your feet and barely have any spare time, you may not be as happy as you might be if you were earning less but had the time to enjoy life.


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I would like to have about 20% more than all my bills. The bills will change so a monetary amount would have little value. I remember the days when over $50,000 a year was considered a good lifestyle, but now with the increase in health care, taxes, etc, there is not a lot left over for the middle class workers. 20% sounds pretty good.