women are constantly being broken down by men and its soul crushing to be used like that when at the end of the day your the one who is crying late at night about a boy who couldn't give one second of his time to think about you, amirite?

what gives men the right to play women and get away with it. Across the world women are constantly being hurt or used by men for various reasons. Its not okay because there are millions of strong and beautiful women out there who just want a man to settle down with and who will love them with all the hearts but instead these women are being hurt and made to feel small and empty by these men who play the women.
Speaking from experience, I have been hurt more times than I can count, and each time was on the guys terms because of how he felt. I’m sick of feeling belittled and embarrassed by these guys who think that the world owes them everything. It doesn’t and you be lucky to have a girl who would love and care for you. The guys who have hurt me always start off sweet but end up being total jerks towards the end of the very short fling but make it feel like its me. Not cool.
This is note for all men whether good or bad: women are not toys who can be used at your beck and call. We have feelings and we can only be hurt so many times until we feel empty and the thought of someone loving us becomes impossible. Its not fair to led girls on or to make them feel special when you want something. Some of us can’t take the pain any longer. I urge you to be more understanding and to understand how you would feel if us women were to play you and lead you on. We are only human, and we can only take so much pain until we crash and our hearts shatter. Before you go and hurt a girl just think; imagine that was your mother or sister being used and broken for your own pleasure. There’s only so much we can take and I for one feel I am reaching the stage where I feel broken down and angry. At a young age I was used and made to feel small by many boys and it has scared me even today because the scary thing is that nothing has changed and that boys still play me. I leave you with this quote by myself: we are strong, beautiful and most importantly we mean something to someone, and it certainly doesn’t have to be a man. You can live happy and free without them.

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So why on earth are you wasting your time with a jerk? If a guy doesn't treat you like you should be, then leave him at the curb. Respect yourself and don't let someone else be abusive.

Just my opinion, but maybe you have been making bad choices. No guy has ever treated me like that.

It's "soul crushing" for anyone to feel used and discarded, of course. I figure that's why there are so many songs about being wronged, written by both men and women.

I have been in your shoes so I get what you are saying. Every relationship I have had started out amazing and ended in heartbreak. Lies, deception, cheating, bullying and both physical and mental abuse. I never saw it coming till it happened.

Don't give up though, the right person will come along

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The only reason boys "still play with" you is because YOU LET THEM.
Take responsibility for your own choices - and LEARN FROM THEM.

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