Self identifying as a nice guy just makes you a creep, amirite!?

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I agree.

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Not necessarily, but it makes you sound oddly defensive, about something that actual "nice guys" don't normally feel the need to self-proclaim.

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Ahem....right. Why should you even need to "convince" anyone...SAY that you are a "nice guy", if you indeed ARE?

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Well no, you didn't really answer my question. I'm sure I didn't say anything about "worthy" people, either. Most of the time when a person doesn't think another is very "nice", they have a pretty good reason for why they think that. They might change their minds, but it sure wouldn't be because that person told them, or proclaimed themselves to be "nice".

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Not really. Based on past experience, I believe there are many reasons why someone wouldn't "allow" another to be nice to them, that have nothing to do with any insecurities or anxieties. I also think people have varying ideas about what being nice is.
This question, however, is about those who "self-identify" as being nice. If the OP means those who for some reason feel the need to often proclaim themselves to be...I've already said what I think about that.

As far as your question, I could only answer it as to how that usually feels wrong for me.

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