Do you spill food on yourself while you eat?

9% Always 19% never 72% SOMETIMES
doctorwho1011s avatar Food & Drink
7 12

Maybe a crumb or two, but nothing serious.

I always spill something on a clean t-shirt

It's happening more and more the older I get. I don't wear white anymore.a smilie

ozzyboys avatar ozzyboy SOMETIMES +2Reply

I can’t remember the last time I spilled anything on myself while eating at a table, but I occasionally get a drop of something on myself if I’m eating in a recliner.
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Qazzies avatar Qazzie SOMETIMES +2Reply

It has happened rarely, but I can't remember the last time.
Never any major accidents. biggrin smilie

Thinkerbells avatar Thinkerbell SOMETIMES -1Reply

My brother used to joke with me.He would say if he had to identify me in an accident.He said,
he would look at my blouse for food stains.

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