This is my opinion I’m afraid So many women are going to get hurt so many women who are simply not ready terrified scared of what their abusive husband that she has tried getting away from with the polices help but they told her to stop making him angry stop agging him on will do to them or what there Mother or father will say women who aren’t mentally prepared to take on child birth so many unwanted babies in dumpsters so many mothers suffering from lack of postpartum care babies at door steps and fire stations pregnant women that throw themselves off a flight of stairs because they aren’t, amirite?

ready to end there medical career or leave high school. Women who are not ready to be shamed publicly by everyone who said she shouldn’t have the right to be rid of that embryo smaller than a penny. shamed because she isn’t 18. She doesn’t have a home because her father was so angry he kicked her out. No food to provide, no help, any prenatal care because this person is a child with no parents now on her own. Unknowing of what to do no one to ask for help. You Alabama are forcing her to do the wrong thing and have a child herself. Babies who are not ready to have babies should have the choice the right to decide what they do to the embryo placed inside or them by that man they chose to be with the husband that abuses them the rapist you put on probation because she chose to wear a skirt. Will you force women to think that her only choice is suicide, a hanger, an at home abortion that will kill her maybe even a man to do it for her. When did it become your right to choose this fate? Getting pregnant is so easy and sometimes unwanted birth control doesn't always work condoms break rapists rape. Please don't take her right to choose the safe way out of an impossible situation.