9/11/01-The destruction of the twin towers in NYC was an inside job, perpetrated by elements within the U.S. Government to hide massive fraud, waste and corruption and to go to war in the Mid East.

29% Yes, all the evidence proves it 4% Not Sure But who cares. 21% Not sure but we should have an investigation 46% No, you're crazy
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Another nutty conspiracy.

It has always concerned me how all the intelligence agancies in the world didn't have an inkling about this one.Very strange that.

ThePrinceofWaless avatar ThePrinceofWales Not sure but we should have an investigation +1Reply

There are a lot of theories and questions about 911. Most people either blame the terrorists, or like you blame the US Government. Like there are no other possibilities or even more than one thing happening at the same time. There are some very powerful people in the world that are not in government office.

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