I was educated in a junior college run by a congregation of religious priests . They seemed deeply concerned whith the purity of our soul and body. During our teen years, they always had a eye over the particular friendshps
amongst boys. They were also re strictive and often repressive about our sexuality. I recall that, for example, that you could be scolded or punished (detention) if you were caught walking your hands sticking in our pockets or innocently horse playing with a buddy. Now, I am disconcerted and troubled by this global clerical pedophiliac,
scandal amirit, amirite?

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Are you saying they punished you with detention in college? The story you are telling sounds more like something that would happen in a junior high Catholic school.

There is a confusion here. I was enrolled in French lycée run by a community of religious fathers whose first four years (from 6e to 3e) were equivalent to a junior high Catholic school and the three last one(2e to Terminale) werethe level of a junior College in the American school system. It was called a College in French. The events I refer to,( corporal punishments, detention etc) happened obviously more often at the junior high level:he students then were from11 to 16 years old. However, detentions were frequent at the junior College level and according to the instutionnal rules, corporal punishments could be meted out in exceptional cases.

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I am now retired and these memories date back a long time ago, about forty years ago, I notice that you don't seem to approach and discuss the gist or the crux of this problem of the pedophile priest or religious. I am not a victim of these pedophile priest but I was shaken as a practicing Catholic by the magnitude of this global scandal and specifically by the reading of a a hefty tome Sodomas written by a French sociologist, Fréderic Martel. I read it in French butI think that it has been translated in English. I was really disgusted on reading this book and felt frustrated, cheated and betrayed . I would like to discuss this scandal of global scope with persons who have lived this experience ,could throw some light on this scandal and explain how it happened.

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I am totally in agreement with your thougthful and concise reply. I was particularly sensitive to your last sentence that was repeated as nauseam by these religious and unhappily by our parents And here is the crux of the matter, Our parents believed as hard as rock that the priest is the embodiment of God on earth and that they are to be obeyed unconditionnaly. They even asked them for advice for very trival matters concerning our education and, I didn't know it at that time, they were requested to sign a discharge allowing the Prefect of Discipline or the Superior to use a reasonable strenght ( i.e corporal punishments) to bring under control tne rowdy , recalcitrant and rebellious students.

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