Could you say that your boss is incompetent. There are a lot of problems in the industrial world, in the big companies and in the working force in general The CEOs are working in their own interests o r in the interests of the shareholders, the middle managers caught between the wishes of the Board and the demands of the employees suffer from professional exhaustion, while the employees ask too often for a sick leave . They are frequently dismissed and forced to resign. In any case, the turnout is dread ful. I wonder if there is not a lot of incompetence in the leading industries. amirite?

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There are good companies and bad companies, most of which is predicated on the leadership of the company.

As far as incompetence, there is never a shortage of that. :)

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Most people are trying to make money off the labors of a few, no one really wants to work anymore. A guy just went to a meeting for a roofing job - he was the only laborer out of the group of nine. This is a true story and the way things are in today's world. There really is a shortage of people who want to physically do the work.

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