The inconvenience of being a late grower. I was raised in a French family and enrolled in a French Junior College. Mom had decided to keep me in short trousers up to the end of my secondary classes. I didn't mind at that time because I was not aware that I didn't develop physically ( and maybe psychologically) as quickly as the other classmates. l was looking three or four years younger than my age. When I entered in 2e ( first pre- collegial year) I was still in thight-fitting short trousers which uncovered about half of my thighs. Imagine my bewilderment and confusion ! amirite?

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I was 17 years old and the other students had already switched to longs. To be the only one in short trousers in my division!I wished the earth would have swallowed me up. So much ashamed that I would have died. I was obviously seated in the front rowand l had eyes only for my skimpy shorts without zipper, my fluffy and pasty legs and thighs. I was also really annoyed by the smirking smile of some of the teachers and later by the sarcasms of junior students already in long trousers. My parents never knew about my bewilderment and annoyance I felt the day of my entrance in 2e. After two weeks , all returned to normal and I continued to wear short pants up to the final year of my secondary clases. I think now that is the price of looking younger than his age.

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