It's been thousands of years and we haven't lost track of the day of the week, amirite

74%Yeah You Are26%No Way
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Speak for yourself...I always loose track wary smilie

@Lil_Princess Speak for yourself...I always loose track

Me too....sometimes I wonder if I'm being abducted by aliens.
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Is it Thursday?We need more days-that would confuse people..

I have always been interested by this, how would we know if it was buggered up in the year 512? (Yes the random year I chose was a clue to a bigger thought). (So it was not a random number after all. I did it on accident.) (I know 'I did it on accident' is not grammatically correct but I enjoyed saying it).

Today is Saturday, I thought it was Sunday. I went to Mass and no one was there.
Only kidding!