Do you think that the serious and intensive study of the doctrine of the Roman and Greek Epicurians as well as that of the Greek and especially the Roman Stoics would be beneficial for the understanding of the great contemporary thinkers? amirite?

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I don't think it would benefit my understand. :)

Sir, every junior college student understand very well what I am talking about. There is no need to explain the orientation and the goals of these two schools of philosophy!

First, my sincere excuses for having called you Sir but now I call you Mister. Second, I acknowlege that not everyone has a college degree, In this case , regardless of their chagrin ,those who have not reached that level don't generally comment on these kinds of posts. Third, you are nasty by hinting that I am trying to impress the Amiriters with my intellect . Far from it , I want to have solid , frank and well-informed discussions.

Let me think about it...

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